Soil Remediation

In addition to making quality custom blend topsoils, Brisbane Screening undertakes onsite soil remediation and contaminated site remediation to fix problem soils, including soil contaminated with asbestos, ordnance, plastic, C&D rubble and acid sulphate soil.

Our ability to aerate, separate, mix and deal with wet and sticky materials means our mobile trommel screens can fix various soil remediation issues on your site without transporting contaminated soil away or paying to import replacement soil.

This offers huge savings to our clients willing to consider innovative onsite soil treatments.

If you have a problem, we’ll work with one of your soil scientists or one of our experts to provide you with a tailored, mobile, onsite treatment solution.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of our soil remediation jobs, many of our clients have requested that photos are not published on our web site. For videos and photos of jobs similar to yours, please phone us on 1300 748 388.

Case Study

Client A received an EPA clean up order to deal with 30,000m3 of soil contaminated with plastic, vegetation waste and C&D rubble.

Estimated disposal cost of $765,000

Truck hire to dispose of this would be $165,000 (1500 loads with a 1- hour round trip @ $110/hour). With tip fees of $20/m3, the total disposal cost around would be $765,000.

Cost of screening: $200,000
Cost of soil testing: $20,000
Cost of truck hire: $5000
Savings from screening: $540,000

Brisbane Screening screened and separated plastics from soil, pulling out timber, concrete, and metal to be recycled for a cost of $200,000 including mobilisation.

With a further $20,000 in soil testing to ensure the screened soil was safe to reuse and a truck hire of $5000 to dispose of 10% oversize plastics in the onsite landfill, the total cost of remediation was $225,000.

The result? Savings of over $540,000 to the client—More than half a million dollars!


"We were referred to Alison by one of our suppliers, as we needed specialist work completed to recover some organic product in our yard for reuse. The overall service from Brisbane Screening was excellent and I have no hesitation in referring their service. All my staff were very happy and impressed with the service, it Continue Reading

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