Screening wet materials

Are your jobs being delayed due to rain? Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to screen wet materials.

The rotating action of our trommel screen is the perfect mechanism to cope with wet, sticky materials and clay soils far better than a flatdeck screen, which moves from side to side.

If your job is nearing a deadline, our experienced operators promptly reduce wastage rates and keep the screen running.

Of course, screening wet materials is almost never as successful as screening dry materials, but we give it our best shot regardless.

Wastage rates are usually higher and we run our machinery on slow speeds to get the best possible results.

Our preference is working with capped stockpiles where possible, but we’ve also performed minor miracles with uncapped, very wet materials.

It costs nothing for us to visit your site, inspect materials and give you obligation free advice. Please fill out the form on the right of this page or call now on 1300 748 388.


Brisbane Screening company staff are very flexible to work with and they will fit in any work conditions. Continue Reading

Kiran Alavala Project Engineer, Fulton Hogan

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