Soil Decontamination

Are you dealing with soil contaminated with asbestos? Or maybe you’re looking to screen and reuse ordnance mounds?

In addition to our work in soil recycling and waste reduction, we’ve made modifications to our machinery to work with contaminated soils.

Worst Case Scenario = Happy Ending

Imagine digging the foundations for your housing development to find the site was used as a tip 20 years previously and contains asbestos? This was a reality for one of our clients.

Working in conjunction with asbestos experts and air monitoring technology, we screened the contaminated waste, separating the asbestos from the soil.

After testing, our client was able to put the soil back into the ground and paid only to dispose of the contaminated waste.

Considering the nearest asbestos disposal facility was a 2.5 hour round trip away, only having to pay to disposal fees saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another client issued with an EPA clean up order needed help to clean up soil contaminated with plastic.

We separated the soil from the plastic with a yield of over 90% and during the process also separated metal, concrete and timber for recycling.

Turning major problems into viable solutions is just part of what we do!

Get In Touch

If you’ve discovered soil contaminated with asbestos, plastic, C&D rubble or ordnance on your site, call us on 1300 748 388.

We’ll introduce you to our asbestos consultants or work with your existing asbestos disposal consultants to remove and dispose of waste at an affordable price.


"We were referred to Alison by one of our suppliers, as we needed specialist work completed to recover some organic product in our yard for reuse. The overall service from Brisbane Screening was excellent and I have no hesitation in referring their service. All my staff were very happy and impressed with the service, it Continue Reading

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