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Around 50% of our work is creating MRTS16 topsoil (R178 topsoil in New South Wales) for highway projects.

With full safety and environmental procedures in place, we work directly for Principal Contractors, Landscapers and Civil Earthworks contractors on projects from 500m3 to 300,000m3+.

Using a rotating trommel screen over a typical flatdeck screen is superior in most highway job applications because:

  1. We ameliorate (add mix-ins) at the time of screening
  2. We deal with clay soils, C&D rubble (shopping trolleys, engine blocks, concrete sign footings, other roadside refuse) and wet materials
  3. We guarantee the lowest wastage rates meaning less cost to dispose of waste and higher product yields

We partner with your soil scientist (or recommend one) to devise a commercial solution to improve existing site soil to meet the specification.

Although we recommend using the best quality ameliorants you can afford, some of our clients have recently had success screening mulch onsite. This creates an alternative to imported organics to increase nutrient levels in soil enough to pass AS4419 or MRTS16 standards.

This video has more information:

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Anyone with a screen can simply screen dirt, but the true test and art of mixing components and ameliorants homogenously is what sets Brisbane Screening apart from other contractors. Continue Reading

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