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Brisbane Screening specialises in mobile recycling for the construction, waste management and mining industries using mobile trommel screens.

Screening is the sifting or sieving of various materials, including dirt and construction rubble, drain sludge, compost, gravel or sand, to reduce or decontaminate waste and create useable, even saleable products.

Our trommel screen is one of the largest of its kind available for general hire in Australia. We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality of our end product.

Unique Advantages

Screening using a trommel gives us a number of major advantages over providers using a flatdeck screen:

Trommel Flatdeck screen
Rotates Moves side to side
160 foot travel 4 to 8 foot travel

These differences result in five benefits for our customers:

  1. Less waste product (and therefore less costs to remove or dispose of it)
  2. More usable or even saleable product
  3. Better quality product
  4. Able to cope with wet and sticky materials as the rotating motion of the screen acts as a self cleaning mechanism
  5. Able to ameliorate (add mix-ins) at the time of screening.

Cost Effective

No job is too small or too expensive for screening! In fact, screening to recycle existing materials on your site is often significantly cheaper than the cost of disposing those materials and purchasing new ones.

If you are paying to dispose of waste products, screening them may mean you can sell them to cover the cost of screening and transport; that way, you pay to dispose of a much smaller quantity of waste.

Case Study – Cost savings from screening of stockpile on a townhouse development

This Brisbane north side townhouse development screened their 1500m3 soil stockpile for use on gardens in the complex. The soil stockpile was left from clearing the site, and contained a mixture of soil, rocks, grass, vegetation waste, clay and rubbish.

Cost to remove stockpile – $4,950

The site was capable of fitting larger trucks and 1500m3 required 60x 25m3 truckloads.

If hourly hire for these trucks is $110 per hour, and the round trip to a free dump site takes 45 minutes, the cost to remove 1500m3 of unusable soil waste would be $4,950.

This rate is based on availability of a free dumpsite; otherwise dump fees could be $100 per truckload or more. It’s also based on the ability for larger trucks to access the site; otherwise carrying capacity may only be 10m3 per truckload charged at $75 per hour, totalling $8,437.50.

Cost to purchase topsoil – $25,000

The site required 1000m3 of topsoil to use on gardens and turf underlay.

If soil costs $25 per metre including delivery (many local suppliers charge a much higher rate than this), cost of topsoil would be $25,000.

Cost of screening and removing smaller waste stockpile – $13,160

The cost of screening (including transport of all gear, setup and pack down fees, site preparation and screening fees) totalled $12,500.

The cost of removing 200m3 of waste would be $660 (8x 25m3 truckloads at $110 per hour x 45 minutes per round trip, with no dump fees).

Wastage rates are normally about 5-10% depending on the type of material, however for this job we stopped screening early because the high clay content of the soil was making it financially unviable for the client.

Cost of screening then removing smaller waste stockpile: $13,160

Cost of removing stockpile and purchasing topsoil: $29,950

Savings from screening: $16,790

Savings were actually slightly higher than this, as we produced a surplus 300m3 of topsoil that we sold for the client to offset project costs.

Even if the development needed less than half this amount of topsoil, it would still be a saving to screen waste products and create your own topsoil.

Some of the materials we work with include:

  • Soil
  • Construction rubble including rocks and concrete
  • Vegetation waste, mulches and compost
  • Rocks
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Ash
  • Pallets
  • Roadbase and bitumen scalpings
  • Drain sludge
  • Wet clay-based soils
  • Decontamination sites including asbestos

Challenge = Opportunity

We love a challenge! In fact, we give almost any material in any condition our best effort, often with great results.

Although screening wet materials takes longer than dry materials, our gear allows us to operate in most weather conditions without issue. If desired, we can also add mix-ins such as fertiliser, compost and ph soil balancers inside the rotating screen to create the perfect end product.

Our Clientele

Our clients include local government, property developers, project mangers, civil earthmoving contractors, landscaping contractors, private waste providers, the mining industry, quarries, nurseries, and building materials wholesalers.

We travel to jobs anywhere within four hours of Brisbane, from Northern New South Wales to Toowoomba, to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Gladstone. We will also travel interstate for large jobs.

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Anyone with a screen can simply screen dirt, but the true test and art of mixing components and ameliorants homogenously is what sets Brisbane Screening apart from other contractors. Continue Reading

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