AS4419 & MRTS16 topsoils

Do you need AS4419, MRTS16 or another specification topsoil for your project? We can make it onsite using recycled site soil—And for typically less than half the cost of imported topsoil!

Now, with our mobile trommel screening plant, onsite soil recycling is within reach of every southeast Queensland job site.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of screening to remove rocks, vegetation waste or rubble is often about the same cost as truck hire and tip fees. With us, we guarantee the lowest wastage rates of any local screening provider.

Soil Testing

Before we can give you exact pricing, we need a soil test and amelioration (mix-in) recommendations. We will recommend a soil scientist or work with your existing soil scientist if you prefer.

An AS4419 soil test costs approximately $450 + GST and takes just over a week. Once we have a soil test, the soil scientist can make amelioration (mix-in) recommendations to improve your existing site soil to meet or exceed the specification.

Soil Preparation

It’s best to stockpile your topsoil in the largest, flattest open space possible and leave it undisturbed until the landscaping stage.

Don’t worry about stripping grass and vegetation waste (unless there are weeds, in which case it’s a good idea to treat them beforehand) as we can deal with this during the screening process.

Smaller bits of concrete and large rocks are ok too, but remember that mixed waste will increase your disposal costs.

The rotating action of our trommel screen ensures amelioration at the time of screening with no double handling. (For more information on ameliorating site soils using a trommel screen, watch our video or visit our Amelioration page)

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